Saturday, 15 September 2012

VIDEO SPECIAL: A dedication

Many a moon ago, two of my good students KG and YC suggested that I do a VLOG for my classes. I ended up making quite a few revision videos and the rest is history.

To celebrate my mother's 50th birthday on the 18th September and also as a dedication to my wife, here is a short VLOG with stills and video. It documents my journey over here and the first 7 days. I hope you all enjoy it. If you know my mum, the legendary Lily Lau or even if you don't, please do wish her a happy birthday, either by card (43 Arksey Lane, Doncaster, DN5 0RX), in person or on the phone (Doncaster) 01302 816591. She's literally my heroine and I'm absolutely gutted that I can't be there to celebrate her 50th Birthday. Maybe you can also help me tell her how awesome she is on her 50th on Tuesday!

10 great things about my mum:
 1) She married my dad and gave birth to my sister- The three of them looked after me for most of my childhood, eventhough I was a rebellious little brat.
2) She speaks English with a Yorkshire accent, yet with a Chinese dialect. Jezu loves it!
3) She taught me about generosity and doing the right thing. This in turn ensured I didn't turn out to be a complete Schmuck. Shoutout to Aladeen!
4) She loves my wife aka "Sam Po Tsai"
5) She loves her Burberry handbags. Eventhough they are "so 1999" for HK women, she still loves them and will only buy them in that awful cream check. I still love you for it mum.
6) She always cooks XXL portions of food. In fact everything in her life has to be XXL. Larger than life!
7) She tells good stories and jokes. A born entertainer, yet someone with no tact and a relatively low EQ. She doesn't mince her words and just says it how it is. It means if you're easily offended, you're probably not going to enjoy her banter!
8) Her hair sticks out when she has it cut too short, she loves her hair short, so half the year she has this sticky-outy haircut which is both hilarious and cute. She hasn't figured out that if she has her hair slightly longer, it won't stick out.
9) She's the only person in the world who loves her camera more than I love mine. She loves technology and gadgets, unfortunately they don't love her.
10) She recently discovered running and loves the treadmill in the gym. She refuses to get off the treadmill until she hits at least 10km everytime she presses "Start". BMT (Big Mum Ting).
Bonus 1) Related to number 9 and also number 7: She sends text messages frequently in block caps or all lower case, the most famous one being this one below:

Bonus 2) She sends me mail, usually old bills and things I've left at home. On the back, this is how she always writes the return address:

If you're reading my blog, please help by sending her my/our love and appreciation for Mummy Lau. 50 Years and counting from Tuesday. Hold Tight!

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