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Please enjoy your stay...

Last updated: 13th May 2013

I've been here 3 weeks and already 3 people have booked their flights. Hurrah! Unfortunately my wife is yet to join the club. Booooooooooooo. 2 more lucky honeymooner's  are also soon to follow. So here's a definitive list of things to pack to make your stay more enjoyable.

You must remember, you are coming out to Africa, things like Pantene Pro-V for Smooth and Silky hair just does not reach our desert island, and when it does, it costs £4 for a tiny bottle. Alas, here's what you need:
  1. Antihistamine bite cream: Anthisan is quite good.
  2. Dramamine/Sea sickness tablets for your trip to La Digue/Mahe
  3. Anti Histamine tablets
  4. High factor waterproof suncream. SPF50+ and SPF30+. On the first few days, you will need Factor 50+. Anything less and you will burn within 30 minutes. From Day 4 or 5 onwards you can scale back to 30+, but re-apply every 45 mins. Ambre Solaire Kids Resisto is good.
  5. Aftersun cream.
  6. Sunhat/sunglasses
  7. Insect repellant. 
  8. Beach shoes/Flip flops-Don't walk bare feet on the coral. You'll cut your feet. Plus the centipedes can hospitalise you. Watch out if you're walking around outdoors in leafy areas.
  9. Slippers/Socks-To wear in the house-We keep it clean!
  10. Lots of thin linen tops and bottoms-short sleeve and long. Long sleeve for the evenings-it prevents you being bitten.
  11. Men-1 pair of trousers and smart shoes/sandals for evening meals out.
  12. Beach towel and normal towel
  13. Obviously pack all the other essentials-wash bag, toothbrush, etc etc.
  14. Earplugs-Planes fly over the house and we have a resident snorer.
  15. Cereal (See below)
  16. Enable roaming on your mobile. Inform your bank that you're going overseas. 
  17. Scuba diving log book/PADI card if you've been diving before

How much money to bring is always a tricky question. Here's a rough guide to your day-to-day expenses:

Takeaway lunch: £3-4
Hotel lunch: £12-20
Hotel/buffet dinner: £25-35
Pizza: £7
Car Hire: £30/day
Ferry to La Digue: £20 return
Snorkle hire from Emerald Cove: £15
Scuba: £50
Bus journey: 25p one way
Taxi: £10-20 a journey

Breakfast we usually do at home, I'd advise bringing your own cereal as there's not much out here and it's triple price. Otherwise, there's always bread, eggs, bacon, beans etc you can buy from the shops.

Also consider:
  1. Torch-It get's dark at 6.45pm and there's little street lighting.
  2. Conditioner-For the ladies (or the guys) who like it smooth and soft.
  3. Mask/Snorkel/Fins for snorkelling. These can also be hired from Emerald Cove.
  4. Waterproof jacket-It's equitorial. The rain is occasionally heavy esp in Dec/Jan.
  5. Spare battery for your camera
  6. Spare SD card-See above and the rest of the blog for further evidence.
  7. Waterproof camera-A luxury, but great to take around the pool/beaches.
  8. Book/Ebooks-in case you get bored of travelling in paradise. There's also a lot of waiting around here, so a book usually helps.
  9. If you have been to Africa recently, they will also require a certificate for the Yellow Fever jab. A transit through Addis Ababa on Ethiopian airlines does not count as going to Africa.
  10. Halifax Clarity Credit card-They do free overseas ATM withdrawals and purchases.
  11. Sunbrella-if you really don't want a tan
  12. Sleeping eye mask-The sun rises early.
  13. Dry snacks, nibbles and your favourite cereals if you're really particular about these things.
  14. 33% extra underware as you'll be showering at least 3 times a day.
  15. Orange clothing-if your visit coincides with a Cote d'or football match, it is essential that you attend for the experience of African football atmos. And secondly, Cote d'or play in orange.
On arrival, you will need to provide your hotel address on the landing card form. Give them my name, address, tel and NIN number, tell them you're staying with a resident. Please request this in an email seperately. 

Further reading: http://www.virtualseychelles.sc/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=97&Itemid=100

If you can readily access anything from the list below or if you have spares lying around, please could you bring a few out as we cannot get them easily out here. Don't go to too much trouble though. The list will decrease in size/change as visitors come and go!

  1. Jordan's or similar organic sugar-free cereal
  2. Pepper grinder
  3. Portable hard drive full of (legally backed-up) films. This is Seychelles, Somali pirates are prohibtied. DVD Pirates on the other hand... 
  4. Mouse matsor other random unwanted tech.
  5. Please ask for most up-to-date list!
Thing you do not need to pack:
  1. Warm clothing. It never gets below 20. Maybe you will need something for re-entry to UK climate though?
  2. USD/Travellers cheques-You cannot get Seychellois ruppees in the UK, so just bring GBP or your Halifax Clarity Credit Card. I can also do currency exchange with you at a better rate than the banks.
  3. Travel adaptor, there's no need we use UK plugs.

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